Programme Manager

Technically-inclined PM

I want to use a web site to build a campaign and watch how it’s doing.

Olana wants to build and run multiple campaigns, over multiple channels. He needs to track the cost of the campaign, and to know when things go wrong, and why. He wants to see if a campaign is working as expected, and see if it's doing well. He did ICT4D at University a few years ago, so he's pretty tech-savvy.

For in-country deploys he wants to choose the Vumi components that he needs and just use those. :moonshot:



Code Monkey

I want to turn a complex specification document into a real world thing.

Mark needs to be able to create large, complex campaigns with branching paths, across multiple channels. He works for multiple clients, on multiple projects, so it's important that he can manage that. He'd like to be able to do this via an API.

He wants to create charts, so he needs to build up custom analytics. Occassionally he might need to do a in-country deploy of Vumi. He really needs to see performance stats: he needs to know if something's on fire.



Stats and Strat

I want to see charts and numbers on how my campaign is doing.

She needs to measure the effectiveness of the campaign and the project it's for. She uses an external researcher close to the beneficiaries to get advice on best practices for engagement, content, good response rates, and the like.

Sarima needs to have clear activity audit trails for her campaigns: who did what and when. She also needs to keep a close eye on billing statements. She often exports data and crunches it in Excel to get exactly the reports she needs.



Teenage learner

I want to find out what girls in the rest of the world are doing.

Mutoni is in her last year of primary school in Goma, Rwanda. She speaks Kinyarwanda, and understands some basic English.

She has her own SIM card, and uses it in her mother's feature phone when she's not looking. It has SMS and USSD capabilities, but no internet. She lives in a rural area and has limited or no access to basic services like banking.

Bugs in Vumi or applications using it that break the USSD campaign that Mutoni is using, or response times that are too long, mean that she will miss out on important, life-changing, information.


We also need to consider a range of ages, languages, genders, and education and literacy levels.